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5 stars
Feb 28, 2017
The Old Fried Dryer Outlet.
I thought my LG dryer had kicked the bucket, and they put me in touch with Chris. He asked me to check into a few things, which helped to reveal that the dryer outlet was fried. Chris walked me through the process and gave great advice on installing it, which he totally didn't have to do. I could not be more impressed with his knowledge, kindness, and great communication skills. If I need anything fixed, he will be the first person I go to. I cannot recommend the guy enough.
Jamie A.- Amherst, ME
5 stars
Feb 06, 2017
Elbow Grease and Cursing. Fixed!
As others have reviewed, we were given a couple of over the phone DIY suggestions to try to get our non-draining dishwasher back to working. A bit of elbow grease, a shop-vac, and a few curses on my part later, and the dishwasher seems to be holding its own for now. Thanks very much for offering advice over the phone. In such a disposable world we now live in, we assumed, even with a $1,000 dishwasher, in the long run buying new would end up cheaper than talking with a repairman. Not in this case. Great service. Thanks again.
Eric S.- Holden, ME
5 stars
Apr 18, 2016
The Case of the Mouse House Refrigerator.
If I could give this guy a 10 I would do so. I bought a refrigerator from Lowes, only 8 months into warranty and it dies. Hard time to reach or get through to lowes, Finally got to right person, they said next week, I said, No They said this Thursday, I said no. That I wanted it fixed today. They put me through to Chris and they stayed on the line. We went through the codes and Chris asked me to remove the panel on the back. I did this and he said to look at the Fan, well I looked at the fan and a mouse was looking back at me. Chris said to remove the mouse and plug it in and give it a start spin and sure enough it started. It took about 2 hours to cool to where it should be, but now just like new. I am soooo pleased with Expert Appliance Repair and Chris. I don't usually give places ratings but this guy saved the day, and my food by the way. Thanks Chris
Gary A.- Searsport, ME
5 stars
Feb 06, 2016
3 Bucks Worth of Parts!
I called Expert Appliance Repair about a problem that I was having with my washer filling too slowly. I left a voicemail, and Chris called me back promptly, within a few minutes. He asked me to describe the symptoms, and suggested a possible easy fix that would save me the cost of a service call if he was correct in his judgement as to what the problem might be. I followed his advice and easily fixed the problem myself with $3 worth of parts. Chris is knowledgeable, prompt, and so considerate to offer his advice to save me a service call. Highly recommended!
Christine H.- Palmyra, ME
5 stars
Sep 15, 2015
Case of the Cracked Front Facia.
We were referred to Chris by Bosch to have the front panel fascia of our 3-year-old dishwasher replaced under warranty. Our front panel (the one with all of the program buttons and LED screen) somehow developed a minor crack in it, so Bosch sent us the part we needed to replace it and suggested that we not try to install it ourselves as our dishwasher has a motherboard behind the panel and we could easily risk screwing it up if we weren't 100% sure of what we were doing, so I called Chris and he came over that very same day, even though it was late in the afternoon, and he had the panel on our Bosch replaced within 15 minutes.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable.  Our dishwasher now looks brand new again thanks to Chris.  If we ever need any sort of appliance repair in the future, we will definitely be calling Chris and will not hesitate to recommend him to others!
Johanna A.- Hampden, ME
5 stars
Sep 07, 2015
It's Refreshing to Find a Company That Cares.
My Frigidaire washing machine was leaking water so I called Chris at Expert Appliance Repair to make a service appointment. Chris had me troubleshoot the problem with him over the phone and we found the problem within 15-20 minutes. It was just a matter of turning the water pressure down and no parts were necessary. Chris was great to work with and he didn't charge me for his time.  It's refreshing to find a company that cares. Thank you Chris!
D. W.- Wakefield, MA
5 stars
May 11, 2015
A Great and Friendly Repair Man.
What a pleasure it was to have someone knowledgeable come to help us! We purchased a pricey LG refrigerator early this year and the ice maker kept breaking down. LG sent us a repairman who did the bare minimum after 3 visits. Then, after calling LG asking for someone else, they sent us Chris. Before even coming by he basically did an on the phone analysis and broke down every possibility. Then he came by, figured out the problem, (tube too close to the door was freezing) and gave us the best and worst case scenarios. In the end the first visits fix was temporary, and a week later he came back and replaced our door. I'd say he is a great and friendly repair man who really knew his stuff. I'd be happy to have him help us if anything else breaks down here. But knock on wood it doesn't! ;-)
Michelle B.- Malden, MA
5 stars
Mar 22, 2014
You Better Believe I'll Be Calling Chris Again.
I called Chris this morning because my GE Dryer wouldn't turn on. Basically the knob stopped clicking as it was turning so it wouldn't engage and I couldn't hit 'start'. Long story short--- over the phone Chris walked me through and helped me diagnose the problem. The knob had cracks at the base and for some reason that rendered it useless. in 1 min I had swapped the broken knob out with one of the others (1 of 4 on the machine) and I was back in business. He never came, didn't know my name, and basically helped me solve my problem with a less than 5 min phone call. It's actually a sigh of relief to know I've found someone that can do my appliance repair for me because next time I have an issue you better believe I'll be calling Chris again.
Kyle B.- Wakefield, MA
5 stars
Jan 24, 2014
I'd Happily Pay Him Extra!
I called Expert Appliance Repair when I had an issue with my LG washer/dryer combo unit (owning one of these is already painful enough). I had called two other companies from the preferred service providers provided to me by LG (who is pretty useless on the matter). One provider hurried me off the phone claiming they won't service Boston. The second one I called gave me a funny feeling with their response and some attitude when I called (as if I was being a nuisance). I felt uneasy enough from the conversation and decided that I wasn't sure I could find them trustworthy and didn't want this company coming into my home (note: the company was Edgeworth in Malden, and Chris actually told me they are pretty good and trustworthy and if I needed to use them in the future I should feel comfortable doing so). Chris was a genuinely nice and knowledgeable guy. He basically diagnosed my problem over the phone (drain pump, which is apparently a fairly common issue for these machines). He picked up the replacement cost, quoted me a fair price and arranged for an acceptable time to go decently far out of his way to accommodate my schedule. When he arrived, he basically walked me through the inner workings of the machine and showed me where the problem was. He was polite, sincere and most of all knowledgeable about what I needed. I'd happily pay him extra to be the one to service my LG appliances in the future. I can say without hesitation that I would recommend Chris to anyone needing a qualified LG service provider.
d w.- Boston, MA
5 stars
Oct 1, 2013
A Rare Find in Today's Economy.
WOW! It's rare in today's economy to find someone who wants to help out a client and not have to make a buck. I had a problem with my LG Washer, LG was of little help with the exception of connecting me with Chris. I am well out of the geographical are that Chris handles. He would of been willing to come and do the repair but he was apologetically going to have to charge $180 for the repair. I'm some what handy so Chris not only diagnosed the problem over the phone for me, he also told me how to fix it and where to get the parts. Washer works perfectly now. Can't say enough about the helpfulness and compassion of this individual. Will call him again if I ever have a problem and recommend him to anyone who would ask.
by mgm523
5 stars
Sep 26, 2013
I Got a Really Nice Surprise.
I called Chris today to come over and fix my LG dryer. I was expecting to set up an appointment and be charged for a service call and labor...instead I got a really nice surprise when he just told me how to fix the dryer over the phone. He gave me step-by-step instructions and a few pointers for the future. It was very honest of him. I highly recommend him and he will be the only one I will use from now on to fix all my appliances. THANK YOU CHRIS!
by anonymous -
5 stars
Aug 27, 2013
Courteous, Considerate, Knowledgeable, and Nice.
Diagnosed the problem in minutes, after everyone else had diagnosed it wrong, and arrived promptly to repair my washing machine. It's running again! Courteous, considerate, knowledgeable, and nice - thanks, Chris!
-from Kristin in Georgetown
5 stars
Aug 8, 2013
I Will Let All My Friends Know.
After a referral from LG about my malfunctioning Dishwasher, Chris told me over the phone what to check and we were able to fix ourselves. Thank you so much...look forward to working with you again in the future. What a pleasant surprise to receive such great service as a first time contact. I will let all my friends know as well!! Thanks!
by darrenend
5 stars
May 29, 2013
Professional, Informative, and Conscientious.
Chris answered the phone when I called and made an extra effort come to my house the same day to repair my Kenmore dryer even though he was finishing up other jobs that day. He is very professional, informative, and conscientious.  Even though he had to go to Malden to pick up a part, he came back during rush hour traffic to complete the repair.   I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an appliance repaired, even if it's out of warranty.
BusyMom M.- Boston, MA
5 stars
Apr 10, 2013
Helpful. Friendly. Knowledgeable.
When our oven stopped working, Chris was able diagnose the problem over the phone and let us know up front how much his work would cost. He came when he said he would and did excellent work. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris. He was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he fixed the problem.
Melrose F.- Melrose, MA
5 stars
Feb 21, 2013
To Say I Was Surprised is an Understatement.
I cannot say enough about what a competent, nice, and honest businessman Chris is. If you need an appliance repaired, this is the guy you call. My LG dryer was not working. I called several local services and each told me I was in for an expensive repair. I called Chris at Expert Appliance Repair out of Melrose MA and described my situation to Chris. Instead of selling me an expensive repair visit, he said let's see if I can walk you through the repair and you can fix it yourself. I couldn't believe my ears! To say I was surprised is an understatement. He told me what tools to go get and he walked me through the repair while he was on the phone with me! I couldn't believe it! He spent a good 20 minutes with me and together we fixed the dryer. And he did not change me a penny. Without a doubt, the next time I need an appliance repair, Chris is the man I will call for the job. You just don't find people like this.
by Alan Lehmann - Lexington, MA
5 stars
Feb 8, 2013
Reliable. Timely. Professional.
Great company! We were very happy with their service. Reliable, timely, professional. We had the water dispenser in our new fridge replaced. No problems, pleasant interactions. We asked questions about other appliances and the guy was helpful as well even though he did not have to help us with that. Awesome!
by anonymous -
5 stars
Jan 23, 2013
The Best in Quality and Responsiveness.
I have only compliments for Chris and Expert Appliance Repair. I have an LG dryer that is discontinued. It has never worked well for the three years we had it. We have had dryer vent professionals come out (because we were told it was the venting), but after $400 the dryer was still not heating up. I called Chris who told me to check the voltage at the socket.... I hung up and said thank you, and proceeded to do everything but what Chris suggested (e.g. tear the dryer down to the frame and test all components). So, after rebuilding the dryer, and not having it heat up still, I called Chris back.... he asked again, did you check the voltage? I said no again. He came over, and of course in five minutes determined that the problem was the wiring at the socket and showed me how to fix it. I gladly gave him $125 as what I call a Stupid Tax for not listening in the first place. These guys are truly the best in quality and responsiveness. I highly recommend, and will use them again!
by jordan.olin
5 stars
Jan 15, 2013
Honest. Helpful. Rare Old Fashioned Help.
Honest, helpful, and excellent!! Had a problem with my washer and spoke to Chris over the phone. He was very patient and very helpful. After walking me through some diagnostics over the phone, the washer started performing properly. With all these electronics, sometimes you just need to do a system reset or test to bring it back to normal operation. It's rare you find anyone you can talk to over the phone that gives you old fashioned help, let alone someone that know's what they are talking about!! Thank you!!
by pantagestransit
5 stars
Dec 28, 2012
You Can Trust Them!
My LG washing machine stopped working so I called Expert Appliance. Instead of charging me to come to my house to look at it, he told me to try something. I did and it was fixed. Thank you so much Expert Appliance. You can trust them!
by anonymous -
5 stars
Nov 13, 2012
What a Surprise – an Honest Caring Repairman.
What a wonderful surprise to finally have found an honest caring repair man. He could have charged me for a house call but instead walked me through it. My washing machine works like new. Thank you Chris It is nice to know that there is someone out there who I can call when I need a repair who I can trust.
Jolie from Georgetown -
5 stars
Nov 8, 2012
Fixed the Problem Over the Phone.
I called expert appliance repair what a great expierience they were very helpful they helped me fix the problem over the phone without having to pay a penny.They are a very honest company.They coached me over the phone and the problem was fixed!!!I couldnt believe it what a great company !!!
by anonymous -
5 stars
Sep 17, 2012
Thanks Soooo Much!
What a wonderful experience! Good honest advice! My 2009 LG Washer, Model # WM0642HW/01 suddenly stopped spinning, it would fill up and then make this loud grinding noise. We called Expert Appliance and the very nice tech guided us to the rotor assembly, since one of us is mechanically inclined, we are happy to pick up the part, a new rotor assembly $60 -$90 and install it. We couldn't have done it without the expertise of Expert Appliance Repair! Thanks soooo much!
by anonymous -
5 stars
Sep 06, 2012
We need more repairmen like Chris.
Chris at Expert Appliance Repair is top notch.  We just had our ice maker replaced under warranty in our LG refrigerator.  He was professional and friendly from the start.  This is such a change from the typical experience one usually receives when it comes to having items fixed under warranty.  We need more repairmen like Chris.
Herndon N.- Boston, MA
5 stars
Sep 5, 2012
The Old Upside Down F & E Error Code.
We are extremely pleased with the excellent service Chris provided us. Chris was able to quickly diagnosis the problem over the phone with us. He then provided clear directions to my husband on how to make the repair in less than 15 minutes. The repair was made and I was washing cloths. The problem was a broken wire on thermostat control. The machine was showing a error code tE looks like a upside F then a E. dealing with Chris was a pleasure. He is extremely patient and pleasant. We strongly recommend him for services.
by Christine Marques -
5 stars
Sep 4, 2012
He Troubleshoots the Problem Over the Phone.
I called Expert Appliance Repair today regarding an LG Dryer, a gentleman Chris answered the call . He was able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone and it was fixed. I had called other appliance repair establishments who insisted they needed to send someone out at huge cost of course. The type of professionalism and service Expert Appliance Repairs demonstrated to me was 5 Star. I look forward to doing business with them in the future. Thanks Chris and all your staff.
by anonymous -
5 stars
Jul 27, 2012
We Could Not Be Happier!
We could not be happier with the service Chris provided! Showed up at the appointed time, diagnosed the problem with my LG fridge quickly, ordered the parts and returned at 7pm on a Friday evening (the day the parts came in) because he didn't want us to be without a fridge. While I hope nothing else breaks, if it does I will certainly use Chris again and will recommend him to all my friends and family. Also VERY reasonable pricing.
by mary -
5 stars
Jun 18, 2012
Those Pesky Detergent Caps!
Chris just talked me through removing the top of our LG washer and removing the blocked fill tube. He diagnosed the problem over the phone and made me confident that I could fix the problem myself. He was right! Now if we could just keep track of the detergent cap so this won't happen again!
by nick -
5 stars
Jun 14, 2012
The $12 Repair.
Chris Bellio is GREAT. Long story short, washer was broken, thought I needed a new one. Called Chris, he had me email pictures of the problem. Told me the part to get and where to get it. Cost $12. That was all it cost me to fix my clothes washer. Nice guy, too. Thanks Chris.
by anonymous -
5 stars
May 14, 2012
I Never Expected Anyone to Offer Free Advice.
My LG refrigerator broke down and I called a number of repair companies and no one worked on LGs or returned my calls. Chris called me back shortly after I left a message and after discussing what I thought was the problem he told me where I could find the part to try the repair. After replacing the part it worked! He was friendly and helped me diagnose the problem and asked me to call him back to let him know how it worked out. I never expected anyone to offer free advice and be so nice about it. I would definitely recommend him without hesitation and will call him with any future problems.
by paolo - Google review
5 stars
April 26, 2012
Extremely Personable, Unfailingly Cheerful & Scrupulously Neat. A Solid Pro.
We were having a problem with our refrigerator and someone recommended Chris. He was great! He REALLY knows his stuff and fixed the problem. But equally important (to me) he was extremely personable, and unfailingly cheerful, even when experiencing minor snags that would have had most people in his business muttering and swearing. ALSO (a big plus) he's scrupulously neat -- on his own initiative he actually cleaned up grease and food debris revealed during the dismantling process, which wasn't really his job. Bottom line: A really great guy and a solid pro. Highly recommended!
by mondorocco -
5 stars
Feb 10, 2012
They Answered My Calls Every Time.
Very happy with the service received. What impressed me the most is the fact that they answered my calls every time, and Chris was eager to give advice in detail over the phone on what was needed to fix the problem at hand. He came prepared to change parts, based on my description of the issue, and yet was able to fix my dryer without opening it up at all. Very accommodating on the schedule as well.
by dpapajani -
5 stars
Feb 8, 2012
He Goes Above and Beyond.
Chris did a great job! He is very thorough, knowlegable, and friendly. I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of appliance repair. He goes above and beyond.
by ernestpowers -
5 stars
Jan 24, 2012
He Came the Same Day I Called!
He came the same day that I called! He quoted a price (less than others) and stuck to it even though he had to disassemble the stacked washer in a very tight place. He was friendly and cleaned up after he was done. I would call Expert again w/o hesitation and would recommend him to my friends.
by Guest47304 -
5 stars
Jan 19, 2012
Fantastic Service.
Fantastic service. We missed the first appointment, but Chris came back another day without complaint. The replacement microwave door had been damaged during shipment, but he was able to fix it right there and complete the repair.
by anonymous business -
5 stars
Dec 18, 2011
Best Appliance Repair Guy Ever
Best appliance repair guy. Ever. If your appliance is ailing call them. I've been a homeowner for 30 years and Chris is the best in every way. Timely, friendly, knowledgable, and fair. Plus he's just a great guy and clearly loves his job.
by Guest18804 -
5 stars
Nov 23, 2011
Stuck Socks - Who Knew?
11/23/11 At 3:00 PM on the day before Thanksgiving our less than a year old LG dryer stopped functioning...a grim holiday beginning. I called E.A.R. whom I had never heard of & Chris talked be through the problem...a sock got sucked into the filter because I forgot to put the screen back in after cleaning it. I was unable to free the sock, so Chris agreed (at the risk of jeopardizing a tranqual marriage) to come right over, a 25 mile trip. Fortunately, I was able to free the sock about 5 minutes later & saved him the trip (& possibly his sanity). Chris was so helpful that I will be sure to call him for any future problems with appliances. Bob Rockport, Ma
by 1bobbeattie -
5 stars
Nov10, 2011
Very Knowledgeable.
Chris is very knowledgeable about LG dehumidifiers. I had my product fixed somewhere else and when I received it back, the same problem kept occurring. After being conferenced in by LG, Chris was able to diagnose my problem and have LG send me the part so that it would work correctly. Thanks, Chris!
by Marlene Shea, Milton, MA -
5 stars
Sep 30, 2011
First-Rate Service
Chris' service was recommended to me by a local appliance shop. I can see why - he's tremendously helpful and knowledgeable, as well as being friendly and enthusiastic. He was able to diagnose an LG washer/dryer problem by giving me instructions over the phone, and gave me detailed information on how to troubleshoot the problem. Because of his kind help, our washer is working again- but if it eventually needs a repair, I wouldn't hesitate to call him in to do the job. That sort of first-rate service is nearly impossible to find.
by Guest62426 -
5 stars
Sep 13, 2011
Many Thanks
Chris, thank you for your help with my washing machine and the professional service you provided. I will not hesitate to contact you with any such issues in the future.
by celticc -
5 stars
Aug 9, 2011
A True Professional
Chis, the owner of Expert Appliance Repair, is a true professional. He repaired our machine, and gave us valuable information on maintenence. We highly recommend Chris!
by ckupsoff -
5 stars
Jul 11, 2011
The Best Advise
This is someone I will always call in the future. Today I called Chris and spoke to him regarding a loud noice coming from my dryer. He advised me to get a flashlight and look down low below my lint screen. He said that sometimes a sock or small item will fall into that area and cause this noise. He wanted me to make sure it wasn't something I was able to fix myself because the service call is $160. Well, I took a dryer piece that connects to my vaccuum and it brought up two socks and a dryer fabric sheet. The dryer is quietly working again and I didn't have to pay for the service. Chris kept the money in my pocket and taught me what to look for if it happens again. When I called him back to thank him and let him know it was fixed, he also advised me how to periodically clean the filter to my washing machine. He repairs more than just washers and dryers so I will keep his number handy! Thank you Chris!
by sheilaleavitt1 -
5 stars
Jul 8, 2011
Great Honest Service
Chris is great, he helped me fix my refrigerator over the phone after the line to the ice maker sprung a leak and soaked everthing including the main control board. He had me dry the board with a hairdryer which worked and got the refrigerator working again. He didn't have to do this he could have just come over and replaced the board for $300-$350. He cost himself money but saved me. Thats what I call a great honest service. I highly recommend Chris and Expert Appliance!
by scottmerloni -
5 stars
Jul 6, 2011
He Earns His Stars
I guess there is a reason why Chris has earned so many stars. HE IS GREAT! First, he went to my house same day when he heard I have a emergency. Second, he is patient and knowledgeable--he answers all smart and silly questions. Third, he does things beyond his responsibilities on the order sheet--he fixed my convection oven when he checked my range after he installed a new controller. Thanks, Chris!
by Guest82827 -
5 stars
Jun 29, 2011
Extremely Helpful
Chris was extremely helpful both over the phone and in person. He came right out and not only found and fixed the problem with my LG washer, but also helped me out by making sure LG extended my warranty to cover both parts and labor! Thanks Expert Appliance!
by Guest63709 -
5 stars
Jun 17, 2011
A Repairman With a Personality -- Imagine That.
I guess we have to repeat the same accolades as the other nineteen reviews...Chris is the most knowledgable repair man plus he has a personality, IMAGINE, we also recieved tutoring on our LG washer/dryer just to make sure everything was is working order. He is the greatest...M, Peabody
by stellajazz -
5 stars
Jun 15, 2011
A Wealth of Information.
I had a problem with my clothes washer. Chris called, took information on the problem, discussed fees, made an appointment for the next day, and was able to resolve the problem very efficiently when he came out. He additionally provided a weath of information on my product and how to care for it. I would recommend Expert Appliance Repair with no reservations. Chris in Burlington
by snoday -
5 stars
Jun 13, 2011
Quick. Efficient. Professional.
Chris from Expert Appliance Repair was a pleasure to work with. He did his job quickly and efficiently, and made my life a lot easier as a result! He was professional, thorough, and full of expert advice and tips. He went over several money-saving options to repair our washer, and didn't pressure us into the highest cost option. I would recommend him and this company to my friends and family. Great job! Very happy with the work done.
by Guest92519 -
5 stars
Jun 13, 2011
Expert Advise & Tips
Chris from Expert Appliance Repair was a pleasure to work with. He did his job quickly and efficiently, and made my life a lot easier as a result! He was professional, thorough, and full of expert advice and tips. Great job! Very happy with the work done.
by Guest35151 -
5 stars
Jun 1, 2011
I'll Definitely Keep Your Number.
called chris last week, problems with my LG dishwasher.Very polite and kowledgeable, helped me fix the problem over the phone. THANKS CHRIS, I'll definitely keep your number for the next time, and tell my friends too!
by Guest44179 -

May 8, 2011
A Real Life Saver.
I called Chris at 7:30 in the morning and by 8:30 my LG refrigerator was up and running......a real life saver for busy people! Courteous, knowledgeable, and a real problem solver.
by Guest37482 -

May 6, 2011
He Diagnosed Potential Causes Over the Phone.
Chris saved the day in getting my Bosh dishwasher repaired. He promptly diagnosed potential causes over the phone which gave me a chance to get a head start on preparing the machine before he arrived. Chris took extra care to resolve the issue, gave me additional suggestions on how to do future maintenance on my own, and overall it was a memorable and educational way to spend part of my day. Chris is very knowledgeable, uses sound logic and overall a great guy. I would not hesitate to suggest him to anyone in need of appliance repair.
by Guest03630 -
5 stars
May 3, 2011
Super Tech.
Chris is the best appliance repair technician I have come across in my life. He asked me what brand name washer and what the problem was,I followed his instructions and bang the washer was fixed.Most guys would never divulge that type of information over the phone just to make a few bucks. I have come across a few that make the apppliance repair business look bad, but not Chris.To me he is a SUPER TECH. I will keep his phone # handy in case I need him and definitely refer him to my heighbors,family and friends! Awesome, Thanks Chris.
by Guest86685 -
5 stars
Apr 5, 2011
Friendly. Caring. Knowledgeable.
Chris was so fantastic that we never had the chance to actually meet him! He was able to diagnose our 2006 LG washer right over the phone. Friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I will be keeping his number in a very safe spot for next time something goes wrong. Thanks Chris!!!
by shannonauger -
5 stars
Mar 9, 2011
You'll Feel Like You've Known Him All Your Life.
From the minute Chris walks in your house you'll feel like you've known him all your life ... and he'll treat you like he has. He can usually diagnose a problem over the phone or troubleshoot it quickly upon arrival ... and he's even helped us get some "past warranty" fixes from LG. Chris is very knowledgeable and can explain a problem to you in terms you can understand. He's helped us through a lot of problems with our LG dish washer and refrigerator. We highly recommended Chris and EAR.
by LGed -
5 stars
Mar 6, 2011
Best Service/Contractor Experience
Top notch service and advice. The best service/contractor experience since being a property owner in 1996.
by Guest51505 -
5 stars
Jan 29, 2011
This Guy is 2 Steps Away From a Nobel Prize!
Ok, so my 25 year old Sears electric dryer, just died. Well, as my wife said, "we got our use out of that one". But, wait, I called Chris before to fix my washer, why not call him to see if he can do anything with this really old dryer. This guy is unreal. He comes over in 15 minutes at about 9 pm, pops the top off, takes a few meter readings, dismantles the electric element chamber, reassembles it, and -------- it works perfect. It needed no new parts. Just some minor maintenance (you know... TLC). Then he showed me how to vacuum out all the areas that are potential fire hazards. All this precision work, completed, with the jovial attitude of Santa Claus and the expert ability of a surgeon. This guy is about 2 steps away from a Nobel Prize!
by user -
5 stars
Jan 17, 2011
I Want Him to Fix My Whole House.
Not enough stars to rate! Chris told me how to fix my refrigerator over the phone and now I want him to come over and fix my whole house. Don't even think of calling anyone else. This is someone who actually knows how things work--weird, unexpected, and refreshing...
by lisa.carlson -
5 stars
Dec 19, 2010
Some People Still Take Pride in Their Work.
Chris was great.. He returned calls, showed up when he said he was going to be at our house fixed our LG Stove and was on his way.. Its nice to know that some people still take pride in their work..
by Guest43255 -
5 stars
Oct 4, 2010
Fixed the Problem Within Minutes.
Chris is great. Had an issue with my Maytag dishwasher that sparked and continued to trip the breaker. Chris gave many areas to look at for me to try to resolve myself, but not really knowing what I was doing I decided to have Chris come out. Very easy to make an appt as I had different scheduling problems. Chris came out and within minutes was able to fix the problem. Incredibly helpful and friendly and would be the first call if I have any future appliance issues.
by Guest99271 -
5 stars
Sep 7, 2010
Enthusiastic. Trustworthy. Reasonably Priced.
Our LG dryer had an odd smell that could not be identified by a Pest Control company, however, Chris was on it right away. Seems it was a slow leak of propane inside the dryer. Chris had a new part ready to go, pulled the machine to pieces, located earlier issues, rectified them, carefully handled the machine and it works better than new! I would not hesitate calling Chris at EAR, he is thorough, reliable, enthusiastic, trustworthy, reasonably priced and he even helped me with our washer, totally cleaned it out, showed me extra tips on use and maintenance - talk about value added. This man is dedicated, passionate and you will rave too when you call to have your appliances repaired. You can research elsewhere, but you will come back to E.A.R. time and time again I guarantee it. Family owned, how can you not win?!
by JON -
5 stars
Aug 14, 2010
This Guy is a Saint.
This guy is a saint. My machine was 4 months past the warranty, and LG was useless. Home Depot had no answer, and Best Buy couldn't send anyone out for 4 days at a rate of $100 plus 25$ per hr. I called Chris and in 15 min, he had helped me fix the machine over the phone. He knows washer machines inside and out and even knew tricks that LG apparently didn't know. This is the kind of service repair company that you want to establish a life-long relationship with becuase you know they will be their for you in a pinch.
by matt -
5 stars
Jul 19, 2010
I am Impressed to Find an Honest Businessman.
On Saturday my LG washing machine stopped working because my wife improperly loaded it and it was vibrating badly. I called the LG service line to see if it needed a simple reset or would require service and after some simple checks they said it would require service. LG gave me the number for Expert Appliance Repair. When I called and told Chris the symptoms he thought they sounded a little unusual and I said that I would check it out further if he told me how to take the top off the machine, which he did. After I opened it up I eventually found two broken wires leading to the control module that I easily repaired. The machine works fine now. Besides the fact that Chris was willing to come to the house on a Saturday he was willing to help me diagnose the problem and save me a service call. I am impressed to find an honest businessman who is willing to help his customers rather than take advantage of them. Chris will be the first one I will call the next time my appliances break.
by Charlie -
5 stars
Jul 16, 2010
Humanity Like This Does Not Exist!
Okay America!! Check this out, my 2008 LG Refrigerator decided to go lights out (hello, that's a brand new fridge to me!). I call Sears in a panic (it is Friday night 6pm) of course there is no help to be had there. I break out the LG manual and call the 800 number, they are not a whole lot of help themselves, but they give me 3 numbers to call for repair, I start calling from the last to the first. The first number gives me an appt for Monday.(It's *#$%& Friday people!!) I tell them I will get back to them if I get a better offer. The next number I leave a message The third number, I get this brilliant woman who says, give me a few minutes and we'll get right back to you! I have found Chris from Expert Appliance in Melrose, MA. He called us back and fixed my fridge (now it is10 pm), therefore fixing my world (since I have 3 kids and its summer vacation!) DO NOT CALL ANYONE ELSE!! Humanity like this does not exist! I just want to send his family a fruit basket!!
by lisa -
5 stars
Jun 15, 2010
I Hope He Has Lots of Kids!
Chris, the owner of Expert called back immediately. He took his time determining the problem on the phone with me, then he told me how to resolve the issue. My experience with him was better than I ever knew to expect. I feel lucky my look-up got me to him, after the first co. told me they couldn't see me til next week! I have saved his info. and will recommend him to everyone. He treated me with respect, I'm not even stressed that my fridge has a minor issue that he has helped me have the confidence to resolve myself and save over $100 house call! I hope he has lots of kids that open all kinds of businesses in their day! America the Great! THANK YOU!
by cynthia -
5 stars
Feb 18, 2010
A Virtual Doctor for Appliances.
This guy is great! He fixed my washing machine over the phone. He knew just what questions to ask--and figured out that the reason the wash cycle was stalling was because it was waiting for the cold-water rinse, but there was no cold water. Apparently, a plumber accidentally shut off the cold valve to the machine a few weeks ago. He was happy to solve the problem. A qualified professional. This service-man is a virtual doctor for appliances! My highest recommendations for his ability to diagnose problems remotely and his honest advice and answers. The next time I have an appliance malfunction--this is the guy I will call.
by Fitz -